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Dreamy Greenhouse Builds

At Regenerative Retrofits, we believe that every space has the potential to be transformed into a dreamy oasis that reflects your unique style. With the understanding of your space and lifestyle, we work hand in hand with you to bring your vision to life. From repurposed, upcycled and sustainable materials to creative and innovated solutions. We make sure every detail is aligned with the purpose to grow healthy alongside the Earth.

Weather you're looking for large permanent structures, seasonal extended growing spaces, or full site permaculture designs. We tailor to your needs and dreams, so you can enjoy a space that truly feels like a home. One that can also feed you for years to come. Allowing nature to nurture and helping in creating the perfect growing space for you and your environment.


Our projects range from pre-existing home retrofitted designs like an attached greenhouse. To free standing off grid regenerative perennial gardens. We work with what you have, to build a beautiful life. Making it happen at any size and scale. Check out the gallery to see the magic we've been able to create all over the world. Each project is unique and reflects the personality and style of the owner and community we build in. We take pride in creating spaces that are not only beautiful, but also functional and sustainable, with food growing in mind.


Our Core Values

At Regenerative Retrofits we inspire to create living environments that are both friendly to the Earth and beautiful. With the combination of Eartherned homes, greenhouses and food forests. Some could say, They Live One With Nature. We believe everyone can live this way, even if you are already living in conventional style housing. Redesigning houses to take in the sun's thermal and solar rays. Bettering the land you rest on by building the soil and planting perennial food crops. Creating water catchment pools and ponds and replenishing the land. Building a better world, one family, one home and one community at a time.



22  /  02 /  2020

Regenerative Retrofits Opens Its Doors in Vermont 


27  /  09  /  2020

VT Digger Released A Article Highlighting Regenerative Retrofits


17 / 01 / 2024

Seven Days Article
'Earthern' Exposer
Green House in VT
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