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Regenerative Retrofits is a Consulting and Design/Build Company surrounding the Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share. We specialize in designing and implementing sustainable solutions for home owners, and businesses, both for small and large landscapes. Our team is dedicated to creating beautiful and functional spaces that are in harmony with the natural environment. Letting us help you transform your dream into a reality.

At Regenerative Retrofits, we have a team of passionate people who are committed to creating a better world through sustainable design. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience to every project. We are not afraid to challenge or create new and innovative designs and structures. We Strive For Regeneration!

Company Offerings

We have a few options to get you started regarding a service we can help you with.


Introduction to Permaculture  & Consultation Services

Beginning from the Ground, Up!

We offer a wide range of help, starting by getting to know you and the projects you are dreaming of. We can also help with redesigning existing projects, and retrofit your home, lifestyle and needs.


Permaculture Designs
Partial and Full Scale

Permaculture Designs can range anywhere from small yards, looking to add some native plant species and a few raised beds. To full scale designs of entire backyards, farms and large properties. Completely transforming one's space into a food feeding oasis!


Building Designs
& Installations

This process comes only after the first two steps have been taken. Getting to know you and the project. Finding the best possible environment and implementing a plan of action with alchemy, creation and passion we build a new world together.

Grow Your Vision

Our prices and availability are seasonal dependent. Please reach out with any questions regarding our offerings above, or for more information in how we can assist you.

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Where it all Began...

. . .Our Story

As a kid, I always dreamt of building my own home and living surrounded by nature. In my younger years, I spent an ample amount of time outdoors having connection with the Earth in my mother's garden. I slowly started my building career learning about different natural building techniques after high school. Attending the Earthship Biotecture Academy to learn in South America was a catalyst towards that dream. Permaculture began being my main focus years later as a lifestyle and career choice. Uplifting and putting energy toward a life of growing food in symbiosis with the surrounding ecosystem.

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