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Frequently Asked Q-uriosities?

Most often than not, it's human nature to wonder. We crave information and seek to understand more. Like the basics of what, why, and the how to, of starting something new. This page serves to answer some of those beginning questions and curiosities prior to reaching out for additional services. 

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What is Permaculture? 

Permaculture is a symbiotic relationship and way of thinking. Living in a healthier alignment with the Earth. From Earth Care (Building Soil, Composting, Planting Trees), to People Care (Healthy Living Environments, Clean Water and Nourishing Food, Respect For Self and Others) and Fair Share (Mutually Beneficial Relationships for People and Earth, Abundance Sharing & Balanced Consumption). Permaculture is a way of living in a sustainable and furthermore a Regenerative way to build the health of all included. 


Why choose to hire a permaculture designer over a landscape service provider?

Permaculture techniques are innovated ways of creating environments that benefit the full system in the design. Thinking not only how one can beautify a space, but also how to make a space that enriches the Earth. Builds the health of the soil and attracts pollinating birds and insects. An environment that grows food and shares a common goal of supporting all connected with the space. 

Most landscaping services, advertise plants that have little to no benefit for human or animals. Plants that have been modified genetically to not produce pollen for insects to feed off of, or food for birds and animals to eat. These plants have often been treated heavily with poisons and unnatural fertilizers to maintain a presentable look. Often these landscaping plants may contain toxic weed sprays or use mono-cropped lawn care fertilizers and heavy chemicals. All of which are not healthy for the environment, animals or people.


A Permaculture Designer thoroughly takes account of all parts of the environment and site. Including the flows and current life cycles of the clients, animals and plants connected and disconnect to the environment and site. Thus creating a more harmonious and well-balanced place to live for highest benefit of all involved.


How to decide if you need a Permaculture Design?

Do you like being outside in your environment? Do you like watching wildlife flourishing and happy? Would you enjoy being able to pick and eat a wide range of fruits, nuts and veggies as you wonder your property smelling flowers? All while snacking on edible plants and herbs in your outdoor living areas. Then a Permaculture Design might be good for you!

When you're ready to invest in creating a space that best fits your lifestyle and adding value to the Earth. All while creating beauty and harvesting food straight from the source. This is when you'll know a Permaculture Design is in the best interest for you, your lifestyle and your environment.

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